High purity Asparagus polysaccharide


[Main Function]: anti-tumor; anti-aging; immune adjustment 1. Asparagus polysaccharide as an immunomodulatory agent can enhance immune function. Promote T cell proliferation, increased B cell activity, activation of complement and other ways to promote the body’s immune function. 2. Asparagus polysaccharide with anti-tumor effect. Asparagus is a polysaccharide antitumor immunity by enhancing or inhibiting the tumor DNA, RNA synthesis to achieve, so the inhibition of tumor cells or kill, but not damage normal cells, and non-toxic. 3. Asparagus polysaccharide has a good anti-aging effects, significantly increased blood antioxidant activity and superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione (GsH-Px) in the energy, reduce the plasma, brain, liver homogenate LPO the level of antagonism caused by aging thymus, spleen and brain atrophy. [Parameter] Character Taupe: powder moisture, gray white, absorption easily, Sweet, cold Polysaccharide Content: 30%, 80% Solubility (water) Soluble Heavy metal parameters: As1.0ppm Cd2pp Cr1ppm Pb2ppm Hg0.5ppm Sanitation indicators: Bacteria1000/g E.Coli and Mite not detected Mould100/gLoss onDrying9% Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Negative [Application]: capsule, troche, medicinal granules and other health products, nourishment, food and beverage, cosmetics raw materials. [Packaging]: with carton or in aluminum foil bag. Advanced green extraction and purification technologies are adopted for polysaccharides production: extraction with only purified water without any other chemicals added, low temperature extraction, and purification and condensation with membrane technology at molecular level. We try to make our products purer, safer, and higher content of polysaccharides, maintaining maximum functional activity of polysaccharides. Our commission: explore and provide natural, top quality, non-toxic and safe healthcare functional plant extracts to the community.

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