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<br />FT-510-T E-Cigarette: The spray 510-T should work side by side with the cartridge 520 tons, and the use of: 1.insert cartridge is completely discharged to the spray, and make the hole open and the withdrawal of liquid CATRIDGE as shown. 2.Put in CATRIDGE empty stand upside down, and fill theliquid in the cartridge as shown. 3.As show, put the cartridge pre-filled under the spray, insert the cartridge into the spray completely. 4.Srew and spray with baterry and then you can use it, we have 510-T baterry ulilizes last minute air flow switch. Simply put, screw and spray with a tank filled with T-51o to the end of the threaded baterry and it is ready to go. And normal baterry is 65cm, and Qatar 9.2cm.and still there is one you can chooes according to your needs, at the same time, this product of the cartridge are different from large traditional 510-FT,, can now also works better. .

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