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<br />Yuda Pilatory<br />Yuda Pilatory effective for all types of hair loss, alopecia and hair loss is the most effective herbal hair growth product.<br /><br />Function: 1 circulation in the scalp rapidly<br />2 Strengthening massiness of hair follicles and roots<br />3 swelling hair roots, promoting melanin, the reform of the quality of hair<br />4 increase the flexibility of the hair, and speed up hair growth<br />5 and cleaning deposit dirty on sebum of pore completely<br /><br />Features:<br />Are processed Yuda Pilatory, and the adoption of ginseng extract, Angelica extract, Polygonum multiflorum extract, and by high-tech biological project SFE through extracting active ingredient in effect among those herbs. This product has a prescription is unique, accurate, and raw materials for handicrafts and delicious perfection. Yuda Pilatory a major effect on oily hair loss, alopecia areata, hybrid alopecia, alopecia after childbirth, and Chemical alopecia.<br /><br /> Key components of ginseng extract, angelica extract, Polygonum multiflorum extract<br /> To use and the drug twice a day morning and evening, spray 1ml in one time spray 5-6 times Increase or decrease the dose according to the hair condition.Keep specific and scalp dry, used in the bald packaging for 3 months, do not interrupt.<br /> Function to combat hair loss, hair re-growth<br />Note<br /> Product is external use spray, can not be eaten.<br />Can only that the product can be used on the scalp<br />Specifications 60mlx3bottles<br /> 36months saw life<br /> Aluminum bottle package of internal and external funds<br /> Property transparent liquid<br /> Will find<br />7-10 days no hair loss<br />15-20 days growth of new hair<br />25-30 days see new hair new<br />Please notice <br />1 Pure herbal extract<br />2 anti-hair loss and help hair growth safely without side effects<br />3 cells of hair follicles to repair, and increased hair growth<br />Suitable for all types of hair loss problems 4<br />We have several versions of pilatory, you can choose any person like.Also we can do private lable brand name, our company can help in the design of U-box for free

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