Highbay lamp Indcution


<br />HighBay induction lamp which received the discharge occurs in a room with no electrodes no metal. And will continue in the life of nature's 100,000 hours, and the age would be 10 times more energy-saving lamps, and 60 times more than regular incandescent. Could be that the rate of lumen maintenance of up to 70 over 60,000 hours after burning. Effectiveness of the cavity is above 80lm W, and the provision of 50 -90 power. The moment of restart in the second half. No flash and glare provides maximum eyesight protection. The light of excellent ability, and in the light of electrodeless lamp white and the completion of the distribution of spectral and most is visible light. Excellent color rendering, and restore the natural color of the body. Details as follows: Dimensions: Dia 417mm x Height 525mm 16'' Dia 547mm x Height 590mm 20'' evaluation of protection: IP 54 Gross weight: 6kg 16'' 7kg 20'' Outer packing Sizes : 480mm X 480mm X 535mm 16'' 610mm X 610mm X 600mm 20'' induction lamps shall be installed in a factory HighBay Industrial, Warehouse, Gym, Mall, Supermarket, etc..

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