Hino Explorer Diagnostic Hino Bowie


<br />Hino Explorer Diagnostic Hino - Bowie Details HINO diagnosis Explorer Hino - Bowie diagnosis of excavator KOBELCO Scanner Testing Tools Hino - Bowie Hino diagnosis explorer diagnosis HINO Explorer hereafter referred to as HINO DX is a tool that is equipped with all the functions necessary to diagnose a problem, and verification of functionality and configure the settings for electronic systems in the heart of Hino engines. The main functions account for and delete data and trouble. Symbols and links to diagnose problems reading from the ECU to the corresponding sequence of diagnostic work-flow and displays directly on the required data. Circumstances sensor gets out of the car when the problem happens freeze frame function. Monitors the sensors and actuators are equipped with the engine Data Monitor function and tests of operating solenoid valves that operate them strongly Active Test function. Simulates the diagnostic work with only one device one simulation. Automatically saves the data and bring the ECU and analyzes the problem on the basis of the saved data even when they do not cause a problem to be grasped. Aisin display for data transfer and diagnostics -2001-2007 display year model and codes for diagnosis and a clear display live data for MDTICs diagnosis engine of personal data and diagnosis -2001-2004 display year model and codes for diagnosis and a clear display live data for the diagnosis data engine and J05 J08 presentation and diagnosis 2005-2008 Showing years model and symbols of the diagnosis of clear display live data for the diagnosis of specific data can determine the full turn, the ability to customize the engine protection system off set the maximum set the maximum speed of the vehicle speed cruise control set speed PTO idle fixed and variable climate Injector code calibration QR when you replace the pump injection re-learning supply when replacing SCV or supply pump test is complete and DPF capabillity renewal construction in the menus to explore the specific instructions and diagnostics package includes: 1.Diagnositc interface 2.OBDII 3.USB wire cable programs 4.Diagnostic

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