Hollow core door


<br />Galvanized steel, and the completion of high quality PVC insulation, plates patterned high-definition, and pine finger joint and the edge of the door, and galvanized sheet steel with powder coating or plastic coating or the completion of the heat transfer paper. Under the door: the demolition of the structure of the packaging.<br />1 door skins,: 26 25 articles 24guage galvanized steel<br />Core 2 door,: poly foam,<br />3 Finish: Prime coating, powder coating and PVC coating<br />4 edge of the door,: finger joint pine as door edge the edge of the galvanized steel is optional<br />5 under section: galvanized steel, wood jambs optional knock down a block of wood packaging, to the door lock hole<br />6, the loading capacity: Pieces40HC 770 or more of the 660sets with frame and lock the door<br />7, panel door: the door with a high definition embossed<br />8, the upper door: Arch Top top yard optional<br />9, Size: 19802000 750800900 44.5mm optional<br />Mainly exported to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Nigeria, etc.

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