Horizontal fully automatic powder, liquid packaging machine with


3.5K<br />These materials are sold bolt screw feeder and the belt is optional equipment, the unit<br />Main Features:<br />Controlled by the Palestinian Legislative Council and operated by touch screen, and easy to operate, high production rate, and wide coverage<br />And electrical parts, consisting of the Legislative Council and stepless speed control governor, the ability of control and automation high high<br />And use special equipment to avoid the sack's mouth off<br />Bag does not open, and not filling<br />Touch screen make it more reliable and convenient in operation and friendly relations in the human interface device<br />Famous brand of advanced photoelectric sensors, programmed to print, and the approach of the keys to make contributions to the embodiment of perfect integration of mechanical and electrical<br />Is characterized by speed and a few parts needed to be changed while changing the specifications<br />All the parts that directly touch the material is made of stainless steel<br />After all, he is packing machine is ideal for agricultural chemicals, and pharmaceutical industries, food and cosmetics<br />Key performance parameter:<br />Outline dimension L x W x H: 2, 850 X 920 X 2, 200MM powder filling device is subject to various high device packing<br />Packing size bag:<br />Width: 140mm maximum, 60mm minimum<br />Length: 180mm maximum, 70MM minimum<br />The application of roll film:<br />Maximum outer diameter: 380mm<br />Inside the frames: 70 to 80mm<br />Power: 3.5kW<br />Power supply: 380V AC, 10<br />Source of air: 0.6MPa clean and stable compressed air<br />Production capacity: 40-80 bags min<br />Machine weight: 880kg

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