Hot Melt Adhesive for naming


<br />JH-2018 is a pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive designed for labels and other products of self-adhesion. With balanced performance in tack, the compressive strength and peel strength, it can bond many types of substrates such as plastic, paper, cloth, metal, and so on.<br /><br /><br />Composition of thermoplastic rubber and synthetic resin<br />Toxicity is not something<br />Color gardener 4 6<br />Brookfield viscosity 125--------- 21000 of the Penal Code<br />150--------- 11000 of the Penal Code<br />175--------- of the Criminal Code 5600<br />200--------- 2800 of the Penal Code<br />The ring and ball softening points 80 C 90 C<br />Tack rolling ball 20 <br />Hold power 24Hr<br />180peel strength to the heart of 25 N inch<br />Foreign materials are not visible to the naked eye<br />Application methods or roller slot<br />Recommended application temperature is 150 180 C

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