Hot-rolled plate only, cold-rolled steel sheet


<br />Steel, railways, agricultural machinery, oil machinery, fabrics,<br />Thin steel plate, hot rolled just a plate, cold rolled steel.<br />Packing and Storage<br />Full specifications<br /><br />Yafela Trade Beijing Co., Ltd..<br />The company deals in the business of import and export of goods,<br />Agent and investment advisory services with clients from Latin America and Africa.<br />The company has a team who is very experienced with international trade<br />After many years in this area.<br />Yafela Trade Beijing Co., Ltd is a member of the Business Council between China and Brazil.<br /><br />Products<br />Chemical products, construction machinery, construction materials, textiles and clothing, heavy equipment, complete sets of equipment, metal products, rail products, cereals, oils and foodstuffs, agricultural machinery, fertilizers, Presticides.<br /><br />Services<br />Sinvestment Consulting, Trade Consulting, purchasing a product or sales agents,<br />Credit inquiries from customers or suppliers.

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