Hxh survey Bluetooth Charter diagnostic tool for cars


<br />HxH SCAN - Charter diagnosis Cars - Bluetooth<br />HxH Scan Diagnostic Tool is a professional compact car, is the automotive fault diagnostic scanner.<br />We offer near the level of dealer re-programming the ECU such as, key coding, airbag configuration,<br />The creation of the computer, and syringe programming and configuration, coding, etc..<br />And can be installed on most equipments that have Windows operating system, Windows XP2000,<br />VISTA, WIN7, and standard USB and Bluetooth standard <br /><br />Vehicle list:<br /><br />1 - Europe: This section includes diagnostic programs for European cars.<br />Alfa Romeo, AUDI, BMW, CITROEN, DACIA, Fiat, Ford, Land Rover, BENZ, OPEL,<br />Her Peugeot, Renault, Seat, Skoda, VOLVO, VOLKSWAGEN<br /><br />2 - Japanese: This section contains diagnostic programs for Japanese cars.<br />Daihatsu, Honda, Mazda, MITSUBUSHI, Nissan, Suzuki, TOYOYA, Lexus<br /><br />3 - Korean and Asian: This section includes diagnostic programs for Asian cars.<br />BYD, Chery, CHEVROLET, Daewoo, my generation, GREATWALL, Hyundai, Aiko, the General Authority for Investment, Levan, Proton, Tata<br /><br />4 - America: This section includes diagnostic programs for American cars. : Chrysler, Ford and General Motors<br /><br />Others: This program can be a diagnostic test with all vehicles and can OBD2EOBD OBD.<br /><br />Function:<br />- Read failure code<br />- Clear failure code<br />- Read data channel<br />- Maintain the flow of data and function in contrast<br />- Test the component and the basic setup<br />- Safe login and program<br />- Maintenance records management<br />- Waveform analysis of the data stream<br />- Development of software on the Internet<br />- Standard USB port<br />- Bluetooth standard<br /><br />The system:<br />- Tire system<br />- The door system<br />- Engine system<br />- Control unit SRS<br />- ABS control system<br />- Power control unit<br />- Air-conditioning system<br />- Theft and believes in the system<br />- The system dashboard<br />- Transferred to<br />- Power-assisted steering system<br /><br />Packing:<br /><br />HxH principal organs<br />The main cable<br />OBD2 adapter<br />CAN-BUS adapter<br />USB cable<br />Dongle<br />CD<br />FIAT 3P DAIHASU 4P SUZUKI 3P cable

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