Hyalgan, sodium hyaluronate


<br />Mobilization for cosmetic surgery Hyalgan injection<br />Products structure of hyaluronic acid HA for short is a type of acid mucopolysaccharide molecules, and are violently in anmials and the human being, which is a molecule linked via N-acetyl for Jlocsampn and D-glucuronic acid disaccharide unit. Of course it appears in the form of a written curly, crystals have a sodium salt is an amorphous white solid, colorless and tasteless, and has a strong absorption of moisture retention and molecular structure as follows:<br /><br /><br />Molecular formula: C14H20NO11Na n<br />This product is made from high purity hyaluronic acid. It's perfect for soft tissue filling agent in non-surgical plastic surgery, and the average molecular weight 1,6 x106, and injected into the skin by needles under very high. To fill the depressions of the skin, to make the wrinkles and creases maximum flattening. It can be used to fill the cheek, and lip-shaped building.<br />This product has already obtained approval from the customers both at home and abroad, it's high, and a flexible sterile, pyrogen-free materials, which have good properties of polymeric biomaterials rheological is filled with agents by injection , for the simple and opearation.<br />Product feature biocompatibility and a rise in the skin, subcutaneous and muscular, to combat degradation; anti-immigration; but it is difficult to absorb; long half-life, no inflammation after transplantation, and response Mmune of Foreign Affairs or the body's reaction to him relative stability and biocompatibility in soft tissue, the skin test, and fast, safe and effective; moisture is good.<br /> Term beneficial<br />The formation of facial features<br />Correction Hollow Cheeks<br />Improve the chin<br />Treatment of wrinkles<br />Treatment of forehead wrinkles<br />Address lines Polarizer<br />Address lines around the eye<br />Treatment of oral Commissures<br />Treatment of nasolabial folds<br />Treatment Heights philtrum<br />Lip treatment<br />Neck treatment

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