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<br />Detials: 1.1 tires motorcycle is our main production campany object in the tire. 1.2 excellent content of our production we have to use rubber butyl rubber the most popular. 1.3 motorcycle tires and we have certificatied by CCC ISO9001: 2000 and can be SONCAP and so has been proven to have good quality and satety. 1.4 What is more, we have many other size of tires Lbelieve you'll find one size that allows you satisfied with the 1.5 with the production of high quality, we also offer a competitive price. 2.Packaging: Each piece packaged with color foil.or You can also request 3.Delivering: shipment in 25 days or as soon as possible after receipt of 40 where 4.Payment depoist T T 5. . The central market, we have after years of continuous efforts in innovation to our market opened as follows: Columbia Cananda Peru, Venezuela, Spain, Pakistan, Brazil, India, Iran, Mexico, and so on 6.Sample If you are interest in our products we can send you a sample as soon as the size 7.more possbie motorcycle tire size 225-17 9090-18 9090-12 2.50-17 3.50-16 11090-16 2.50-18 11090-16 50100-17 2.75 - 18 3.75-12 6090-17 2.75-17 3.75-19 7090-17 2.75-14 4.00-8 8090-17

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