Incubator egg cars


<br />Attention: We have an incubator is a nursery and hatchery incubator<br />FRD-1 egg incubator setup 352pcs egg<br />The emergence of housing panel color white shift seesaw structure<br />Is 1.0 0.8 x the size of 1.5 m<br />Intelligent Controller Hatch<br />Technical indexe Home<br />1. Display temperature range from 0 99 scores C<br />2. Temperature measurement accuracy 0.1 degree Celsius<br />3. Humidity range display is RH 0-99<br />4. Accurate humidity control RH 3<br />5. The output is 9 channels - channel more than low temperature temperature, temperature control, turn left eggs, eggs turn right, and humidity control, and alarm, and fan and light.<br />6. 10A current output for temperature control, temperature and low-1A to others<br />7. Along the line of measurement of 2 meters<br />8. Working voltage AC 180V 240V, 50HZ<br />Ability of hatching the above cases by 95 for all types of poultry and birds and eggs, including duck eggs incubator, eggs, geese and other rare birds.

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