Induction stove


<br />Construction in the induction cooker with 4 regions P N: TB EN4T-01<br /><br />Elements: 4<br />Reinforced: 4<br />Powers:<br /> 1.8 kW up to 2.3 kW - front left, and a diameter of 180mm<br /> 2.3 kW up to 3.0 kW - left rear, and a diameter of 210mm<br /> 1.3 kW up to 1.6 kW - right front, and a diameter of 145mm<br /> 1.8 kW up to 2.3 kW - right rear, and a diameter of 180mm<br />Max power: 7.2 kW<br />Levels: 9<br />Controls: Touch Pad<br />Range of voltage: 260V 190V ---<br />Ready to power 1W.<br />Features:<br /> a pattern similar to compensation<br /> recognition of the pot<br /> Secure opened by children<br /> residual heat indicators<br /> override the auto switchoff<br /> high temperature auto switchoff<br /> Keep warm function<br /> stop and transition transition to a "warm" and again, to break<br /> Auto "friendly"<br /> Panel lock prevents accidental mode changes<br /> the Power Management<br /> error indicator<br /> the timer, and can be timed from the four regions at the same time<br /> Promote<br />Size: 512mm long 582mm wide<br />Color: Black<br />Trim: stainless steel<br />Pregnancy: 40 Amperes<br />All must be RoHS compliant parts. EN standards

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