Insulation Piercing Connector-IPC


<br />They penetrate the structure. It is not necessary to strip insulation Mosul. It can be done in the branch of a random spot somewhere on the cable to a specific group. Take the place of the road from Kabul branch in advance.<br /><br />Small area of the installation, save the cost of building the bridge and land, and a full range, types, arch design surface suitable for contact with Qatar different same, large-scale installation of a simple connection.<br /><br />It has been used safely for over 30 years abroad. Also used in many areas in China successfully.<br /><br />In isolation from the hole connector IPC<br />Hole connector, simple installation, it is not necessary to coat stripping cable.<br />Nuts for a moment, and pressure is constant piercing, and maintain good electrical contact and to make any damage to the lead.<br /><br />Self-seeking framework, wetproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, extend the life of an isolated use of lead and connector.<br /><br />Board adopted a special connection, apply to the joint of copper AI and copper Amnesty International, or copper, and Amnesty International.<br /><br />Linked to a small electric resistance, the drive current can be up to 15kA. Special case of an isolated body, resistant to aging and environmental lighting, and insulation can force even 6KV.<br /><br />Arc design surface, and apply to contact with the same different diameter, and a wide range commection 1.5mm 2-400mm 2.

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