IPL RF E-light RF Laser II de


<br />Features<br />E-light Biploar RF handle Nd YAG Laser:<br />1. With all the functions of capillaries and benefits, without risk of burning and discomfort caused by traditional IPL treatment. Effective especially for blond hair and light color pigmentation removal<br />2. Biploar RF Indicator: For the body of a face lift, and remove wrinkles<br />3. Second YAG laser to remove tattoos of red, coffee, brown and other colors. Different types of eyebrow treatment, embroidery eyebrows, eye line, lip line curving.<br />Applications:<br />1. Skin tightening, skin lifting, improves flexibility and tone of the skin;<br />2. Renewal of the skin: wrinkles, pigments, freckles, vascular lesions telangiectasia removal, and skin-whitening, change large hair follicles<br />3. Hair Removal<br />4. Remove Acne: improving the situation of oily skin; kill acne bacteria.<br />5. Laser tattoo removal, remove the speckles<br />Specifications:<br />Display: large touch screen size<br />Optical Source: Intense Pulsed luminescence<br />Spectrum: 480nm, 530nm, 580m ring, 640nm, 690nm wave to determine the<br />Energy density: 0-50Jcm2 IPL will not shine in the following 10J<br />The number of pulse: 1-99<br />Pulse of 1: 0.1-9.9ms Incremental: 0.1-9.9ms<br />Terminator: The 1-99 power: 800W<br />Facula Region: 8 mm x40mm30mmx16mm, 13 55MM optional<br />Cooling system: semi-conductors, closed cycle cooling water mandatory, and to be exchanged than the scent of hot and cold<br />RF: 5 MHz<br />Second YAG laser Engery: 1500 MJ one screen<br />Input power: AC220V110V 50Hz60H Size: 670 570 1190

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