JBT Auto Diagnostic Scanner Cs638b


<br />Announced JBT very birth of JBT-CS638B scanner commercial vehicles allocated, and versatile for both 12V and 24V, and shooting diesel vehicles, both made in China and abroad, "trouble. Functions cover Bush, Delphi, and Cummings diesel injection systems, etc..<br /><br />JBT-CS638B commercial vehicles dedicated scanner experts diagnosis of diesel vehicles represent the advanced level of our industry and the tendency of development in the future.<br /><br />Product Features:<br />1 This of their products outside looking attractive and short. Design is compatible with the best ergonomics.<br /><br />2 and the structure is easy to carry and durable for use. And the product is the most professional and portable.<br /><br />3 can test our products both at home and abroad, 12V 24V and electrical systems, from heavy diesel fuel, both gasoline vehicles and light duty.<br /><br />4 speed update is amazing. Update packages are available on our website, which allows our customers to download anywhere in the world. Update packages we always catch up with new vehicle models in the international auto market.<br /><br />5 of our hardware design in line with international standards. And we can cover all the international adapters connectors link the diagnosis.<br /><br />Function test 6 is very strong, which can test a variety of electronic systems of cars.<br /><br />7 of our patented a unique method datastream advanced reading, which is very fast updates the data.<br /><br />It can store 8 Datastreams and print. Customers can save the data according to their favorites. That the data can be preserved permanently in the scanners we have. Portable printer is optional for customers to choose and printer can print any help on the test results.<br /><br />9 memory space is limited and unlimited updates.<br /><br />And 10 will be four two features of innovation and show you the added values of our scanners.

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