JK-03asp sulphonated annealing based aminophenol


<br />Description of the JK-03 ASP is a large collection of water is reducerwhich sulfonate modification of amino and organic effect compoundswithretarding. They do not contain chloride added and meets the specification requirements for the chemical mix concrete: GB8076-2008, GB50119-2003. It complies with the specifications of ASTM C494 Type F. Uses JK-03 ASP has the advantages not enter the air, a low dose, and the loss of the recession is low, or any of the chloride and sodium sulfate crystal. In a natural condition, it can be ready to force high-C50-C80 and high-performance concrete. Q It is ideal for use in the prestress, precast, or any surface of the bridge concretewhere is required to maintain the ratio of water cement to a minimum and still achieve a degree of scalability needed to provide an easy situation and consolidation. Applicable to the preparation of concrete security requirementof plastics business, and high fluid concrete, and concrete or super inhibitor inhibitor, and Self Compacting Concrete, Concrete destruction and so on. applied in the precasting concrete and steam treatment of the construction project for both industrial and civil . Available for the materials essential for complex mixtures . It can be blended with the naphthalene-based superplasticizer, which can achieve better water and reduce the proportion of high-performance power. The advantage of a low dose: 0.5 to 1.5 with high water reduction of 15-32. loss down low: it can not meet the requirements of a long time, and transport distances. It is ideal for concrete pumping business. effective strength. It belongs to the stability of large size, and anti-leakage and anti-freeze. The low alkali content: It can prevent alkali aggregate reaction. When it is used in winter, and there is no crystal. Can JK-03 ASP to make high-slump concrete flow. It allows concrete to be produced with the percentages of water cement is very low in the low or normal landing. an application on a large scale. It can be used with a different set of cement. Compatible with Portland cement, Ordinary Portland cement, portland cement, slag, fly ash, cement and Portland cement, etc. sclerosis.

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