Jupiter Jack


<br />The Jupiter Jack<br />Jack and the buyer is a neat little tool that you just plug audio jack on any cell phone. You can then adjust the car radio to 88.7, and now you have the hands free cell phone that you can hear through the speakers of your car<br /><br />Good idea, and Jack the buyer has been successful, but I would be cautious in buying one of these. If you have ever connect your iPod or other MP3 player in your cigarette lighter, tuned to your radio station is right, you've probably experienced the frustration of constant background static. You'll have to get awfully lucky to get clear reception and through the speakers with the Jupiter Jack.<br /><br />You can also purchase wire products which can be installed in auxilliary car that will produce a clear sound, perfectly every time. The benefit to the buyer is that Jack has no wires annoying you while driving. Although that can be installed internally wired, so that the wire does not appear

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