Kate Bluetooth hands-free car steering


<br />Features<br />1. Bluetooth version: 2.0 range: 0-10M<br />2. Super bright LCM caller ID and English name display.<br />3. Capable of storing phone numbers, 200 optional, and support for synchronization<br />Download the phone book.<br />4. Powered by battery 3A, standby time and talk time phone<br />Depends on the quality of the battery 3A.<br />5. Built-in microphone highly intelligent and strong language.<br />6. DSP technology, full duplex, noise and echo suppression.<br />7. Installation of a comprehensive all-wheel drive, or stick<br />Anywhere in the car.<br />8. Fong book incoming numbers up and down Scrollong and demand.<br />9. Voice dialing, redial call, post, reply, answer end reject<br />Call and call and wait for the switch.<br /><br />Parts: 1PCS Bluetooth hands free car kit, magnet 1PCS, and copy 1<br />Of the instruction manual.

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