<br />Product description:<br />1.keypad keys<br />2.second layer printing.<br />3.durable<br />4.scratch resistant<br /><br />Keyboard keys<br />Overlay material: The basic materials are the most common polyester and polycarbonate.<br />Rear Adhesive: 3M 467MP, 3M 468MP, etc..<br />Standard criteria: - .010 inches.<br />Matching Color: Pantone and RAL color matching system.<br />Tail, and pin and the Department of Planning: Subject to customers detailed requests.<br />Type of switch:<br />Touch is<br />Graphics<br />Touch domes with stainless steel<br />Touch with poly domes on the circuit<br />Note: We have the ability to provide you membrane switches with other special requirements, such as shielding paint and Windows Lance, embossing, part and parcel of the LEDs, UV glossy matte textured, etc..<br /><br /><br />Performance<br /><br />Electric<br />Operating voltage: 0-35 V DC.<br />Operating Current: 100 MA Max.<br />Working contact resistance: less than 100 ohms typical<br />Contact Bounce: Less than 5 milliseconds typical.<br />Conductors: Printed silver conductive inks or carbon blend.<br />RFI and ESD shielding: Available in most configurations.<br />Mechanical<br />Life expectancy at birth: 1, 000, 000 actuations in the position of switch<br />Operates power: 6-24 ounces, grouped according to customer specifications.<br />Switch Travel: .005 "to .030" typical.<br />Overall Thickness: 0.020 "to 0.050" model.<br />Environmental<br />Storage temperature:-40C -40F to 70 C 158F.<br />Storage Altitude: Sea level to 35 feet, 000.<br />Operating temperature, altitude:-30C -30F to 75 C 170F. Can be designed to work in most environments.<br />Humidity: No delamination after 24 hours at 80C and relative humidity of 90.

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