Kitchen cabinet leg JJ-D001


<br />JJ-D001 kitchen cabinet leg 1. Specifications: Model Number: JJ-D001 Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Mainland Material: iron and aluminum: sand, spray, axle gold: 50 80 mm, 50 100 mm, 50 120 mm materials and pad: Color Fresh Plastic: Packing Black White: 200PcsCtn or according to customers' requests to accept specially designed time-out arrangement: within 30 days of the port of load 20 feet: Whampoa Guangzhou, Shenzhen or 2, feature high quality materials and excellent technique crude processing Surface strict quality control system. Goods can be achieved through quality control or you before loading was used on a large scale automatic machinery, and produce high quality products at competitive prices rich experiences, and accept the specially designed system at any time, pls order samples or draw us hello you to contact and negotiate with us for more information. We hope to work with you soon

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