KORG M3-73 Music Keyboard Station XP


<br />Musical Instruments Pianos and device device<br /><br />In demand for votes at Your Fingertips<br /><br />And allowed a careful study of the ROM 256 MB internal Korg to embellish and add many new sounds - without sacrificing any of the list. As is always the case, and used Korgs famous team of programmers every inch of the EDS XPandeds M3 Enhanced Definition Synthesis technology to create programs that use these new data to the maximum extent.<br /><br />He weve a new set of electric pianos - both reed and tine - sampled at levels 4 to speed natural expression. These programs also use the amplifier M3 REMS modeling effects XPandeds the Department to enhance realism and authentic tone character.<br /> Also on board is a piano voice is strong - sampled in stereo at three levels of dynamics, including the classes damper sample echo - replaced the piano M3 the original, but without fear, on the piano M3 the original is now available in the library expansion. In reading for more details.<br /> In Korg, we<br />Has been added - E always with applications, one of the most requested sounds ever - the classic KORG piano stage SG-1D. This refined sampled piano sits nicely in the mix stage, and remains popular in many musical genres<br /> Traditional keyboards also include that funky Clav. Here has been recreated with all of the original fixtures tab pickup AC, AD, BC, BD, sampled at multiple levels to speed the natural feel that really responds to the dynamics of your playing.<br /> Flute and sounds that has taken a series of keyboards those mechanical nightmare tape-driven for days past due, giving the wine really vibe to your music.<br /> Last but not least, was added another popular request - a single piano to play directly through a single system with no cancellation or loss of voice.

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