Large format printer Se06b


<br />SE series standards an easy task model: SE06B<br />SE series is the trend of our printers 3.2meters solvents which ensure the rapid return of the profit with the most affordable price, and stability to fully consider. SE series, including the different models with different speed, and allows customers to choose one according to the requirements of the work. With a higher resolution and up to 720x720dpi, and the speed of 20 to 130 meters square per hour. We have a series of SE to cover all your business needs. SE series first launched in seen 7 times in raising the level of design up to the SE model is 3.2meters series solvent printers has this short text in 2.5meters 1.9meter according to customer needs. Also, each color model 6 in the series SE version has only 4 color print heads with extra parts, and vice versa, each version 4 color it would be a counterpart has 6 colors accordingly with more heads-up as well.<br />Printer model SE06B<br />The print head to drop the demand piezo head SPT255-35PL<br />Number of heads of the print head 6<br />Maximum printing width 3, 200MM 125.98 "<br />Maximum resolution 720x 720DPI<br />2 An-Najah in the speed of 25.5 square meters 180x540dpi hour<br />4 square meters for a pass 240x720dpi 17,4 hour<br />6 Success in square meters 240x1080dpi 11,2 hour<br />6 Success in square meters 360x1080dpi 8.5 hour<br />8 pass to 720x720dpi 6 0.3 square meters hour<br />Color 6 colors: K, C, M, Y, LC, LM<br />Ink Ink Type: Solvent Ink<br />Ink tank capacity: 1 liter or liter 5 every color<br />The media and the media Type: Flex frontlit banner, background, vinyl, mesh, one way vision, and polyester, and window films, etc. Blue Paper Back<br />Maximum width of the media: 3, 200MM 125.98 "<br />Maximum media thickness: 4mm<br />Maximum weight of roll media: 90Kilos<br />Equipped with a media feeding and nutrition takeup system to system and address<br />Site model raster<br />Print head cleaning system auto A: Single color positive cleaning pressure B: Automatic Flushing System C: print nozzles anti-drought plant<br />Pre-heating and drying the pre-heating system to heat side.Dry back and fan dry in the front side<br />Printing and USB interface<br />The print head to print a distance of 2mm in the platform to the maximum 6MM<br />Rip Photoprint software or compatible Maintop<br />Power supply AC 220V230V 50HZ60HZ Edition: heater 660W: 1450W.<br />Operating environment temperature 18-26 Humidity 40 -70<br />Size of the printer and printer Size Weight: L4, 850mm X W800mm X H1, 500mm<br />Packing Size: L4, 900mm X W850mm X H1, 620mm<br />Gross weight: 600Kilos<br />Net weight: 550Kilos<br />Measure the size of packaging: 6.8 cubic meters

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