Laser Cutting Machine JX-1218


<br />Model JX-1218<br />Processing area 1200 1800mm<br />Laser power 80W<br />CO2 laser tube sealed glass tube laser,<br />Cooling water<br />25-60000mmmin engraving speed scanning<br />Cutting speed 0-24000mmmin<br />Cutting thickness 0-20mmplexiglass<br />According to Article<br />Top speed 60000mmmin<br />Location accuracy 0.01mm<br />Draw a shape DST PLT BMP DXF<br />PSA Paint, Photoshop,<br />AUTOCAD<br />Resolution 0.01mm<br />Power supply AC220V 10 50HZ<br />The total capacity of 2000-2500W<br />Operating humidity 5 -95<br />Free of condensed water<br />Operating temperature 5 -40 <br /><br />Appropriate Industry:<br />Suitable materials: non-metallic materials, such as plexiglass, leather, fabrics and garments, rubber, plastics, wood products, paper, etc..<br />Appropriate industry: networking, garments sampling, the industry model, and the leather industry, decoration and advertising, packaging, printing, crafts, and paper industry, etc..<br />Performance characteristics:<br /> Is a new model is designed according to the demand of the pieces in the market. It avoids the waste of materials, high-beam, non-contact cutting, scratching, cutting a narrow slot and smooth cutter etc. and can also reduce the high speed and efficiency.<br /> Dual laser cutting machine increases the efficiency; suitable for medium to large enterprises for the production of large quantities, but can also meet the demand of production of small businesses and individuals;<br />And design unique structure of its kind to support high-speed cutting and carving, and meets the requirements of the control of various low-end to high-end

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