Launch X431 Super Scanner Repair Master Car Diagnostic Tool


<br />Launch X431 Super Scanner Master<br /><br />Of the advantages to us:<br />1Coverage vehicle includs most of all car models celebrities, models and databases and a car to increase both the new time.All addings is free for you.<br />2Free upgrade. No follow-up expenses, and once you pay, you pay for the future.<br />Available for your choice 3Multi-language<br />German, English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Greek, Turkish, Persian, Portuguese and Serbian.<br />Can 4Two kits.You year warranty for full use without limits<br /><br />Features:<br />Europe and North South America and Asia with the car dealer at the level of power<br />The widest range vehicles give you the best value in a single unit<br />More OEM level diagnostics than any other tool in the industry after sales<br />More than just reading and clearing fault codes - goes far beyond<br />Up to a complete car, including: drive line, chassis, body, and networking communication modules<br />Live data and charts<br />Performs actuations and adaptations<br />The interface is simple and direct, and gets the right to quickly and efficiently, the problem of<br />Easy to use touch screen<br />Built-in mini printer<br />Continuous updates and downloads to maintain order at the forefront of the technology industry<br />Product parameter:<br />Operating System: Linux<br />CPU 32-bit<br />CF card: 512M<br /><br />The most important unit I O: standard serial port<br />Most important source of power unit: DC12V<br />The main power unit: about 9W<br />Screen: 240 320 LCD touch screen with backlight color screen<br />Display: 240 320 LCD touch screen with backlight color screen<br />Configuration: main units, DIAGinfinite, minipriter<br />Com. Distance: 25 meters<br />DIAGinfinite power source: DC12V<br />DIAGinfinite energy: about 3W<br />Operating temperature: -20 C 70 C

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