Lb sl06


<br />Model Number: LB-SL06<br />Laser diode-pumped diode laser DPSS; 650nm 532nm red green<br />Power output: 180mw R120mw G60mw<br />Color laser: Red, green and yellow<br />LED power: 3W LED blue<br />Control System: the ability of the processor built-in software<br />Method of control: volume control, and the way for cars<br />Scanning System: an accurate stepper motors<br />LED many kinds of stars glittering with the impact of music playback, it can prove fireflies.Light, the sky, fireworks, etc., and dozens of the impact of water on the back of the impact of grain: Results of demonstration<br />Application: Rooms KTV, and wine, and a nightclub, disco, etc.<br />Cooling: Air cooled<br />Energy consumption: AC110V220V; 50-60HZ100W<br />Dimensions: L142 x W252 x H190 mm<br />N.W.: 3Kgs

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