LCH High Pressure Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps


Features: **Large flow rate and high pressure with more compact size of the pump on the market **Maximum working pressure could up to 210kgf/cm2 **Either inlet or outlet ports can be chosen for easily installation and maintenance **Rotating directions (clockwise or anticlockwise) can also be free to select ** Mounting Style: F=Flange Mounting, L=Lug Mounting **Model Number: **Max. Pressure kgf/cm2 PV2R1-06: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R1-08: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R1-11: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R1-14: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R1-17: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R1-19: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R1-23: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R1-25: 175 kgf/cm2 PV2R1-31: 175 kgf/cm2 PV2R2-26: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R2-33: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R2-38: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R2-41: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R2-47: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R2-53: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R2-59: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R2-65: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R3-60: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R3-66: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R3-76: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R3-82: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R3-88: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R3-94: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R3-108: 210 kgf/cm2 PV2R3-116: 175 kgf/cm2 PV2R3-126: 175 kgf/cm2 **Rated Speed (r.p.m.) *Max. PV2R1-06~PV2R1-31: 1800r.p.m. PV2R2-26~ PV2R2-65:1800r.p.m. PV2R3-60~ PV2R3-116: 1800r.p.m PV2R3-126: 1500r.p.m. *Min. PV2R1-06: 1200r.p.m. PV2R1-08~PV2R1-31: 950r.p.m PV2R2-26~ PV2R2-65: 950r.p.m. PV2R3-60~ PV2R3-126: 900r.p.m

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