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<br />Lead-free HAL PCB Board<br />1.PCB experience10 years<br />2.PCB Certificate: ISO, Mae and RoHS<br />Lead time :3 3.PCB day -7 work<br /><br />We have the technical capacity of chlorine<br /><br />1. Layers: 2-20 layers<br />2. Maximum. Size of plate: 2000610mm<br />3. Minutes. Board Thickness:<br />2 - layer 0.15mm<br />4 layer 0.38mm<br />6 layer 0.55mm<br />8 layer 0.80mm<br />10 layer 1.0mm<br />4. Minutes. Line width space: 0.075mm 3mil<br />5. Maximum. Copper thickness: 6OZ<br />6. Minutes. S M pitch: 0.075mm 3mil<br />7. Minutes. Size of the hole: 0.1mm 4mil<br />8. Hole dia. Tolerance PTH: 0.05mm 2mil<br />9. Hole dia. Tolerance NPTH: 0 -0.05mm 2mil<br />10. Hole position deviation: 0.05mm 2mil<br />11. Outline tolerance: 0.10mm 4mil<br />12. Development and showed: 0.75<br />13. Insulation resistance: 1012 normal<br />14. Electric power: 1.3kvmm<br />15. S M scraped: 6H<br />16. Heat stress: 288 20Sec<br />17. Test voltage: 50-300V<br />18. Minutes. Blind buried via: 0.15mm 6mil<br />19. Surface finish: HAL, ENIG, IMAG, Imsn OSP, and paint AG, gold coating<br />20. Material: FR4, H-TG, Teflon, Rogers, ceramics, aluminum, copper base<br /><br />If you have any conditions, do not hesitate to contact me Tex

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