led bulb - HY-LB-Q3C


LED Light Bulb Product Characteristics: 1. LED light distribution technology changes the spot lamp-house into surface lamp-house which can enlarge the light-emitting surface, eliminate glare, improve visual effects, and eliminate visual fatigue. 2. Systematic design of lens and lamp cover. Lens with both a protective and concentration effect avoid light loss, so that makes the lamp more concise and beautiful. 3. High-power LED flat cluster package and systematic design of radiator and lamp holder guarantee LED heat dissipation and life time and fundamentally meet any design of the structure and shape . 4. Significant energy saving. Super and bright LED light source with high power, high efficiency power supply is more than 80% energy saving compared with traditional incandescent lamp. It is 10 times as bright as the same power incandescent lamps. 5. Superior & Reliable USA original Cree as light source, LED life time is above 100,000hrs, which is 100 times more than traditional incandescent light 6. No twinkle, soft & pure light, which eliminate eyes-discomfort caused by traditional light source, and is the protection of human eyesight and physical health. No ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. No lead, mercury and other pollution elements, is environment-friendly semiconductor light source. 7. Luminous efficiency is up to 160 lm / 350mA, various color temperature are available, high color rendering index and color rendering are good. 8. Strong resistances, resistance to lighting interference, no filament and glass case, there is no fragmentation of the traditional lamp problem, so no human body accident will happen. 9. Wide voltage, which can be commonly-used in the world, 90V ~ 260V AC full voltage range constant current, which ensure the life and protect brightness from voltage fluctuations. 10. With independent development and production of permanent current drive, high efficiency, low calorie, high precision of permanent current. 11. Reduce the loss of the wiring, pollution-free power grid. Power factor ≥ 0.9, THD ≤ 20%, and EMI meet global standard to reduce the power supply line power loss and to avoid pollution of the high frequency interference. 12. Common standard lamp base can directly replace existing halogen, incandescent, fluorescent lamp.

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