Led light coconut tree


<br />This tree light coconut is one of the best light on Holiday Decor at Christmas, festival, festival, ceremony and celebration of the anniversary.<br /><br />Designed coconut palm tree light practice, the reality of coconut and palm trees. It is a great breakthrough of light decoration. Made from the leaves of the coconut tree, palm light is made up of PC plastic lamp tubes LED. Controlled by the lamp tubes twinkle in waves and give the effect of the leaves swinging in the wind. Remote control is available to adjust the pace of branch lighting.<br /><br />Features:<br />1 uses a LED light source<br />2 Size: 1M to 7M, the height and diameter of different<br />3 Color: Red, yellow, blue, green, white and purple, and multicolor<br />4 long life, 50000HRS<br />5 the use of PVC star several<br />6 Low voltage, super bright<br />7 Length: 600cm, Diamter: 400cm<br />8 the number of fronds: 18pcs<br />9 Material: paper: a plastic environmental<br />10 branches: iron shelf

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