LED T5 9W 120pcs high brightness SMD 3528 1141mm tube light


<br />SMD 3528 T5 LED light tube<br />Pregnant with alum and power supply<br />Light source: high brightness 120pcs SMD3528<br />Voltage: 85 265VAC<br />Power: 9W<br />Brightness: 700lm white<br />Unit size: L1141mm 15mm<br />Feature:<br />Certifiation: CE, RoHS compliant<br />Driver with a fixed electric circuit, and the rate of light transmission of up to 95 .<br />A significant reduction in energy costs, compared with the light of fluorescent tubes, it can save energy by 60<br />Cognitive effort with a wide frequency and large, do not flicker, reponse fast without dealy, without causing frequent losses for the option, and switching places switch is ideal for frequent on off a wide range of color voltage fluctuation.<br />Solid state, high shock vibration resistant.<br />No RF interference<br />Attetion:<br />Express charges, I do not need to recalculate in accordance with how many pieces you want, you should have expressed more charge is cheaper than the record price, if you want, please contact me or I will get back to you when the last price is cheaper than the standard price

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