Led the Army LED flashlights Rechargeable


<br />Model: 700701<br />Features<br /> Especially in the design of a longer time and a patent.<br /> And ship directly by charging adapter from 110V to 240V AC power design.<br /> Rubber cover for feeding hole design.<br /> Roll banned.<br /> Aviation-class rugged aluminum body, and the most difficult type III anodized in black.<br /> O-ring sealed, weatherproof.<br /> Toughened ultra clear glass lens.<br /> Side switch: press for constant on.<br /> Lithium-ion battery discharge protected.<br /> Responsible for the protection and recharge the lithium-ion battery.<br /> Ability to stand securely on a flat surface to serve as a candle.<br /> Accessories include: charger, 2 18650 with batteries inside the protection, belt clip and cord.<br /><br />Specifications<br />1 Cree Q5 LED 1Watt<br />Max output :100-120Lumen<br />Run time: 10hours<br />Battery: 18650 Li-ion double with the Council of the protection groups rechargeable<br />Distance: 500 m<br />Charging time: 6 hours<br />Length: 261.5mm<br />Chairman of Qatar: 60.5mm<br />Body diameter: 30mm<br />Weight: 506 g with battery

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