Led the writing of the Council A3


<br />Product feature: You will be sparkling words and images in the writing of the Council by 7 LED neon lights are different, and there are 52 types of jobs and flashing. Also, you can change the words or images at any time to achieve the most beautiful creation on your own. Brightness and colors of the product are wonderful. Because of this, and the achievements of your creation will be more attractive to customers during the day or night. This product passed "CE", "waste", "the Palestine", "May", "SGS". Our advantages here: 1 LEEVAS consists superb, led by the Council of proof in writing, Taiwan.Fashionable former very light, and break and scratch. 2. Easy to change the Council to black or transparent panel. All series 3. 7 color LED lights. 4. 52 and different lighting functions. 5. Content can be changed easily. 6. Lower costs of electric power 1-4W 7. Applications include: pizza, restaurant, shop, bar, tavern, night club, party, etc. SFS-388 size A3: 38H 44W XX 0.6L LEEVAS cm LED flash wonderful writing of the Council are made in Taiwan. We have a stable quality. If you are interested in this product, please contact us. LEEVAS CREATIVE Marketing Limited.

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