Light weight wall panel


<br />Name: Panel lightweight wall brand: BYJ Composition: calcium silicate board panel face cement and EPS Basic Board of calcium silicate panel face Size L W T: 1500 610mm 3000MM 60 , 90120150180 mm Use: Interior and Foreign Affairs in the Department of steel or concrete building structure, for new construction, additions or renovations. Advantages: light weight, sound insulation, thermal insulation and conservation, and water proof, fire resistant, and rapid construction, space saving and so on. Description: sandwich panel FPB is a type of energy lightweight provision of a wall to take calcium silicon Council Council of fiber cement, and panel face, and cement, EPS, fly ash, basic and which are by the compiler can simultaneously be applied to the scope of scale. To the wall materials of various high and low buildings, such as banks, office building, hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping centers, amusement hall, old house reconstruction, and a workshop.

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