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<br />We are one of the most important LCD trading companies in China. We not only sell LCDs, but also do plans for LCD products. Factories are located most LCD screens in East Asia Japan, Korea, Taiwan and mainland China, Hong Kong. This situation make trading very important in the field of liquid crystal displays. Information, products, technology and services have been moved from East Asia to other customers in the world, and that brings up the highest condition of efficiency and stability in circulation, and the quality and authority of the service. Made Zhongxin electronic unremitting efforts to build a very active window to OEM customers these years. By virtue of "the first customer requirements," and ensuring the efficiency of a fixed and a high of the market chain, Zhongxin electronic and focuses on the data suppliers of LCD brand in the world, and make the database and update daily and access to data stored in the first time. Zhong Xin did not cooperate only with factories LCD, to Sharp instace, TPO and so on, but also work together with customers endless, for example, a mobile factory, factory GPS and so on, and we make good use of their stock, to help our customers get on the LCD in some cases on the LCD EOL. Zhongxin has the web design department, and be able to develop plans for LCD products independently. If the panel is EOL, and we can according to customer requirements, the design of a new LCD suitble of the product. Used on a large scale LCD in daily life, and medical treatment, science and technology, and military. Zhongxin will go electronic with our customers new and old, and encourage the development of business LCD.

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