Luxcore XL 6 "air cooled reflector hydroponics grow light


<br />99 textured<br /><br />Integrated socket<br /><br />Tempered glass<br /><br />Built-in 6 "air-cooling equipment<br /><br />Durable black powder-coated finish<br /><br />95 of the European aluminum reflector for maximum light<br />Reflection and consolidation<br /><br />A square box is ideal for growing areas 8X8 '<br /><br />Includes the V hangers and cord 15 'lamp<br /><br />Ready for use ie, Assembly Required<br /><br />2 years warranty<br /><br />We supply other items from the air colled reflectors for your choices as well.<br /><br />We are the manufacturer of a major deal in the growth of a system of light and hydroponics cultivation such as reflector of light, light ballast grow, and grow and grow light tent. We are looking for a partner to us as a distributor or our agent. We can supply high quality products and lower price than any other competitors. Please contact us without any hesitation if you are interested in our products or "You want to be our partner.

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