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<br />Qingdao hongfa Machinery Co., Ltd is the latest domestic supply initiate patent product onion skinning automated machines, the number of patents ZL200920168364.5, and the machine has three characteristics: the high rate, yield up to 92.96, and high production efficiency, can be produced per tonne per hour , smooth outside a high degree, and can be of the machine according to the onion-week apartment had these methods reduce the size of unit weeks flat. Market companies over a patent product, the market resulting from the system, and follow-up, not only in the sale of local products, and have been exported to America, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Australia and other countries. Is based on high-tech products, high quality after-sales service, in our local support is strong in some of the world, and for us to create the world famous laid a solid foundation. The market is at stake, and the brand is zhongjin sand, and continued throughout the company "quality first, the user is supreme" management policy, in the fierce market competition, and the masses of a wide range of users such as tides and the depth of trust

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