Magnesium powder


<br />Magnesium powder<br />Using high technology, the company operates in the production of high purification spherical magnesium metal powder, which has a level of 0.0035mm mm 10-400 meshes, and magnesium content of more than 99.5 and the thickness of loose 0.1 0.75g CM3, the product exceeds GB5149.1- 2004 from China and contains magnesium active for more than 98.5, and matters of State for Zn 0.1 , Fe 0.2, Ca 0.15, Mn 0.1, CL 0.03, H2O 0.05, and the issue of foreign one is less than 0.5, and the insolubles hydrochloric acid is less than 0.2, the company found magnesium powder in the form of a spherical shape instead of the traditional designated, and used much better than those in the designated form.<br />Characteristic of the powder, magnesium: Easy to be flammable and explosive, and will bring a rise in temperature, light, and visible when burning, therefore, is used on a large scale powder of magnesium in the fields of science such as war industry, aviation performance of the chemical of magnesium active too, which is used in maostly inalindustry metallury. Can be used magnesium powder production of rare metals, in the chemical industry powder magnesium and dryer for the organic compound or to make a direct organic compound of magnesium in recent years, has been powdered magnesium is mostly used in spray coating, anti-corrosion, and silicon moncrystalline, polycrsstalline silicon, and molding powder metal as well.

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