Malleable iron fittings


<br />Product Description We have the ability to: 1. With manufacturing in 12 years and the efforts of exporters sought by the manufacturer, we have established our own brand VT and the World Bank 2. CNC machines and equipment with high precision manufacturing and test 3. We have a team of quality control verification of professional quality through multiple inspections on each production line 4. Using the test pressure appropriate for each before being shipped to garuantee any leakage and one on all the above products provide a strong foundation in all aspects, and aims to ensure the high quality of our products, and also serves as the foundation stone for us to share a good reputation in more than 20 countries and regions. Ranges, beads, and the end of the clear, black, and dropped hot galvanized wrought iron pipe fittings, both within the scope of our business Aktaftis. Or can we design according to your request. - British Standard: ISO5922ISO49ISO71 - DIN standard: DIN2950DIN1692DIN2999 - Amercian Standard: ANSI ASME Size A197-79B16.3-85B1.20.1 item unit weight g 1303 Tees 8 "70 12" 98 34 "1501" 240 1-14 "375 1-12" 4552 "700 2-12" 1100 3 "1540 4 "2700

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