Master Anti-static


<br />Master Anti-static:<br /><br />Jolink Master gives the anti-static for a long time to combat the impact of fixed and shows good antistatic performance, even at low levels of relative humidity.<br /><br />Ant Master Batch istatic<br /><br />1 the main characteristics:<br />1 fast migration.<br />2 antistat for a long time for the polyurethane.<br />3 Suitable for PE, PP.<br /><br />2 Application: injection, blow molding, yarn dying, casting, extrusion molding, blow film, foam, etc.<br /><br />3 and a variety of products, the ultimate bending<br />Household appliances, toys, cars, household appliances and packaging materials, such as shopping bags and the like, and wire and cable, building materials, pipes and tubes.<br /><br />4 Group of doses: 10-30<br /><br />5 Packing:<br />25kgbag, black PE bag.<br /><br />Storage conditions 6:<br />Be kept in a dry environment.

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