Maxidas Ds708 Diagnos automotive diagnostic scanner system diagnosis


<br />MaxiDAS DS708 Diagnostic System auto diagnostic scanner diagnostic car diagnostic program diagnostic key programmer can bus IMMO clear DTC code reader code scanner<br /><br /><br />And can do in Asia, European and American cars. For Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Renault, and reached its functions funcitions the original tool. Volvo, Mitsubishi, before 2008, and it has reached the original functions.<br /><br />Within 3 years, free update via the Internet.<br /><br />MaxiDAS DS708 Auto Diagnostic System<br /><br /><br />And finely crafted by leading industry experts, and MaxiDAS DS708 is a system state of the art diagnostic that delivers the diagnosis more accurate and more stable, more comprehensive, easier and faster. Platform highlights the new generation in a variety of tools by providing high performance with an incredibly intuitive operation. Right for the first time, it can be that the workshops and technicians to find a solution to the OE level diagnostic designed for after-sales. And DS708 is the key to gaining customer confidence and enhance your bottom line. Can you afford to be left behind<br /><br /><br />Product Features and functions<br />Coverage of large-scale vehicle for more than 30 vehicles of local, Asian and European makes;<br />Deep coverage system for all vehicle electronic systems;<br />The ability of the full post, including live data, and programming the ECU and many others;<br />Functions, and supports the OBDII unparalleled every 5 OBDII protocols and test methods ALL 9;<br />Wi-Fi auto-updates available in new software releases;<br />Innovative dual-processor technology for faster diagnostics and boot;<br />The real operating system Windows CE allows for a more stable performance, and better compatibility<br />And expansion;<br />WIFI Internet capability allows for wireless access throughout the workshop;<br />Internet Explorer brings Internet resources of your choice at your fingertips<br />Advanced USB connections for faster operation and more accurate diagnosis;

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