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<br />RUMESH trade and services, RTS-<br />RTS is a mineral water last technical resource unit based in Bangalore, India. Currently, it holds the status of suppliers RO unique of its kind, providing the best technologies and provide to its customers. Owned by the Master of Business Administration Rumesh.P, MScIT, MA, Master of a RTS, Rumesh and his group began to enter the special techniques on 9 May 2005, with a fleet of new technology providers to the RO unit. In the RTS is currently working on RO suppliers, as well as local business, and covers the inside and outside Bangalore.<br /><br /><br />History<br />RTS proved to be strong competition for other suppliers RO domestic and commercial in India, with its brand new technology, stylish. Showing RTS direct monitoring of production, for the first time for Indian customers. The remote systems and to provide for customers to run the devices at the request of, and even on the domestic as well as commercial RO. Rts in providing services attractive to customers.<br /><br /><br />Unique services<br /><br />RTS offers unique services to several customers. This process includes the digital and online monitoring system to manage the top of which was through the Internet, punching system for the staff, and the secret code and operation of remote devices, CC monitor the camera from the office room, on the Internet a report to enter the test laboratory microbiological, chemical, and provide training for microbiology, chemistry, and create a good environment for employees through the development of personal conduct in the institution programe

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