Metal halide lamp G12r7sed55e40 70w100w150w250w400w


<br />Ended with one metal halide lamp G12R7SED55E40 70W100W150W250W400W:<br />1.Power: 70W100W150W250W400W<br /> Temperature: 2500K-9000K<br />Index : 60-90<br />4.30 real savings watts<br />5.10000hs<br />9001 certified factory <br />7.Base: G12R7SED55E40<br /><br /><br />Specialization:<br />Halogen lamp energy-saving advantages of conventional own bright light, color, 100, making the object and return the color really, at the same time can save electricity more than 30.<br /><br /><br />Application:<br /> Home lighting and home decoration<br /> Centers Shpping<br /> Hotels<br /> Factories<br /> Mines<br /> The way<br /> Station lighting<br />And so on<br /><br /><br />Our company has rich experience in the production of halogen lamps energy saving and energy-saving lamp products include metal halide lamp, JC, JCD, JD, G9, JCDR, MR11, MR16, GU10, PAR16, PAR20, PAR30,<br /><br />Can PAR38, AR70, AR80, AR111 and other products.We lamp to make the products according to customer's request, a different rule, watts, voltage, and so on.

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