MG118 Hip Adduction


MyGym Series Highlights: Consistent Profile A low and consistent profile, professional biomechanics design, the application of extra-large and super-heavy, yet sophisticated shaped tube, and full shrouds and pulley covers are all beautifully integrated for an elegant look. Rich Machine Models and Professional Solutions Thoughtful and perfect machine models arrangement of the entire series provide a free choice. Devoted design, professional tuning, are committed to providing high-end solutions Beautiful and Precise Increment Weight select high-end weight stack, each piece is processed precisely, with high level powder coating finish, the smooth move and beautiful appearance are gained. Smooth, Natural Movements Full use of precision-cut parts ensures smooth accurate structure. Converging and diverging axes that correctly align with the user's joint movement, provide a natural, comfortable feel throughout the range of motion. Premium Instructional Placards Visually enhanced instructional placards are clearly marked, located in the most visible position and provide simple instructions for correctly performing each exercise. Full Shrouds and Pulley Covers Full shrouds and pulley covers make the equipment more approachable, less intimidating and visually appealing to all users. Uncompromised Durability High-Strength frame weldment, precision welds and aircraft cables give MG Series its uncompromised durability.

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