Microfiber get rid of the


<br />1 Composition: 80 polyester, polyamide 20<br /><br />2 Weaving type: warp knitting<br /><br />3 Suitable for cleaning various cars, windows, and kitchen products, household appliances,<br />Other smooth surfaces, and so on<br /><br />4 It is easy to wash by washing machine<br /><br />5 Our products are excellent absorption, and the great power cleaning, steak free, soft touch and have a good effect Polish, very good to take care of cars, and body care, house cleaning, cleaning hotel or other multi-purpose cleaning.<br /><br />They are also used all-purpose towel, bath towel, towel hair and a towel and cosmetics, face towel, towel, Hand towel swimming, sports towel, towel, travel, beach towel, towel pets, kitchen towel, mop cleaning, cleaning glove, car towel care washing towel and polish towel for your car, and home-care towel, polishing wiper and window of the survey, cloth, glass, sponge cleaning, get rid of the group, and so is ideal for our daily lives too.<br /><br />It is very easy to do different sizes, weight, and the package. We would like to do products according to your color, size, package, label, and all the details according to your request.

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