Miner loading and unloading lamp-driven management component


<br />Mining lamp charge and discharge-driven component management<br />One primary six Vice-source<br />The main beam of the stream from the original 80-350MA adjustable<br />Vice-current source of 50-110MA adjustable<br />Private static IC<br />The main light source color temperature 4000-8000K Optional<br />Reflector cup size :50-59 optional<br />Charge voltage :5-5-0 .5 V 50HZ 60HZ<br />Lighting: 1 m from the test more than: 4000LUX<br />When the battery voltage drops 3.3V, the main light source automatically go at the same time the source of vice that would open automatically.<br />When the circuit the lamp short-mining company that happens, you will automatically detect and stop working, when it returns automatically directed to work.<br />Lightweight aluminum heat Cup, PCB discharge the Board of<br />Charge current :700-1000MA<br /><br />500pcs in a carton<br />G.W.: 10KGS<br />Carton MEAS: 51 36 40cm

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