Mini solar power system


<br />1. Specifications:<br />Is specifically designed for this system for developing countries unable to. It can be used as lighting and charger for those people who live in these areas, and what's more, and the installation of a comfortable and affordable price makes it a necessity indispensable daily.<br />1. Low cost;<br />2. Easy to use and installation maintenance<br />3. Very low power consumption, only 1.2W-1.3W each.<br />4. Stability<br />5. Can be used such as lighting and cell phone charger, digital device.<br />Model system LFS-LSP20W6V.<br />Panel Solar Monocystalline or polycrystalline, solar panel maximum power 5W9V, cable length: 6M.<br />Price increase over the protection of the controller and discharge. Short Circuit Protection.<br />Battery 4AH, 6V lead-acid battery.<br />LED lamp bulb 2 pieces, the length of each cable 1.2W-1.3W6V, 5M.<br />Cell phone charging DC 5.0V socket USB cell phone charge.<br />Shipping time of 6-8 hours when there is an abundance of sunlight.<br />LED shining at the time of discharge time: 8-12 hours.

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