Mining led lamps light industrial and mining companies, security


<br />LED name of the factory warehouse lights<br />Part number XC-30D-0261M<br />Power input 30W<br />Lamp Flux 2400lm LM-2700<br />Voltage 90VAC 260VAC<br />150mA current<br />Frequency 50HZ 60HZ<br />AC factor 98<br />DC energy efficiency 94<br />Color Temperature 4500K 6500K<br />Apply color index Ra 80<br />The light source of life 50,000 h<br />Operating temperature - 40 50 <br />Operating humidity 10 90<br />Housing and reflector of light aluminum alloy<br />Rating IP65 IP<br />Color S<br />Size of the H380 210<br />N.W 2.0kg<br />Most tax rates not included RMB980.00yuansuit

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