mist eliminator scrubber


we are able to provide our customers with an extensive range of products for mass transfer operations which include gas scrubbing, stripping, de-aeration, degassing, biological filtration and mechanical filtration. Our material for tower packing include: PP, PP+Fiber glass, PVC,CPVC,UPVC,HDPE,PVDF,Carbon steel,SS304,SS316,SS304L,SS316L and ceramic. Mail products: MONEL 400 DEMISTER WIRE MESH DEMISTER MONEL 400 MIST ELIMINATOR MIST ELIMINATOR demister filters demister mist elininator demisterpads mist eliminator pads mist eliminator scrubber mist eliminators filte wire mesh demister Metal-Rosette-Ring Orifice Pan distributor PACKINT SUPPORT Plastic structure packing round valve trays structure Mellapak Sulzer gauze packing Support plate If you require data sheet, please kindly send email to us, or view our website, thank you. Best regards, Ningbo T.C.I CO., LTD http://www.rubbersealing.com

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